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DNA mapping paper accepted by Nucleic Acids Research as a Featured Article

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

In this study we developed a new version of FTMap to map DNA structure which successfully identified the binding hot spots in the minor groove of B-DNA. We also provide some insight on how the recently discovered high-frequency Hoogsteen flipping of base pairs could affect DNA’s reactivity with formaldehyde.

This work is accepted by Nucleic Acids Research and has been chosen as one of the Featured Articles, which “represent the top 5% of papers in terms of originality, significance and scientific excellence”.

Please read the paper, Bohnuud T, Beglov D, Ngan CH, Zerbe B, Hall DR, Brenke R, Vajda S, Frank-Kamenetskii MD, Kozakov D.  2012.  Computational mapping reveals dramatic effect of Hoogsteen breathing on duplex DNA reactivity with formaldehyde. Nucleic Acids Research.

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