• Primary Investigator

  • Research Assistant Professor

  • Research Associate Professor

  • PhD Candidate, Chemistry

    Current research involves the development and application of computational software for the identification of small molecule-protein interactions with a specific focus on the prediction of allosteric sites on G Protein Coupled Receptors.

  • PhD Candidate, BME

    My research is focused on modeling protein-small molecule interactions with an emphasis on studying the conformational changes in binding sites.

  • PhD Candidate, BME

    Current research involves improving the accuracy and development of ClusPro. I am also interested in incorporating machine learning techniques to further enhance protein docking predictions.

  • PhD Candidate, SE

    Current research focuses on learning algorithms for the problem of Protein Docking.

  • PhD Candidate, BME

    Current research is focused on evaluating strategies for improving protein-protein docking. My previous work involved the use of 3D in vitro models to study breast cancer intravasation.

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant, BME

  • Chief Morale Officer

    Making friends with dogs in other labs to promote cross-LAB collaboration.


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