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Highlights from the first Machine Learning Journal Club

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

The first BMERC-sponsored Machine Learning Journal Club was a blast! 20+ students and researchers from across different disciplines and departments such as Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry attended the event. This journal club was led by Israel and Megan from Prof. Sandor Vajda's groups. This initial meeting focused on the basic concepts of supervised learning, followed by a hands-on session using scikit-learn and Jupyter Notebook.

Over 20 students and researchers attended the first journal club on Sep, 18th.

Israel led the discussion of supervised learning.

The BMERC Machine Learning Journal Club is a monthly event. The aim of our journal club is to introduce fundamental concepts of machine learning to scientists and engineers, and to encourage discussions and conversations about the application of machine learning in our research (over pizza of course!).

Stay tuned for the next event on Oct 23! We will be learning about unsupervised learning. 

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